Thursday, March 18, 2010

Why Longinus' Spear?

What a weird title for a blog. What? Were all the normal names already taken?

Nope. Lots of names still available. There are a couple of reasons for the name.
First, the story of Longinus' Spear, or the Holy Lance, is interesting in and of itself. You can read the story by clicking the Title of this post.

The name Longinus first came to my attention way back in the '80's, thanks to a series of books by the late Barry Sadler. I bought, and still have, every original book in the series. After Sadler's death, other writers took over the series. But Casca:The Eternal Mercenary was Sadler's baby, and no other author could quite catch the feel of the character.

In 1991, I bought my first computer, a Mac Classic.  $1400, discounted to $1200 due to the education discount as I was working on my Master's Degree from Wheaton College. 4MB of memory, and a HUGE hard drive of 40MB! A B&W 9-inch screen and a handle on the back, making it very portable. It came with a 56K modem, and a free floppy disc for something called America Online. My screen name for this new service was Longinus. No numbers, no NOTHING tagged on. Wish I had kept it when I moved on to MindSpring a few years later. It would actually be pretty valuable today.

So, there you have it. The history of Longinus' Spear. For awhile, I used it to start a bible study with a couple of good friends. Then, it just kind of languished. Now, thanks to a renewed interest in blogging, and the need for both Elwin and I to vent, LS is back. Hope you enjoy. Let us know what you like, and what you don't. Doesn't mean we'll change anything, but it would be great to hear from you nonetheless.

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Patricia Scott-Anderson said...

Well, I am sure glad to see you back in the Blogosphere! :)