Saturday, March 20, 2010

Maybe the Dems Believe Their Own Lies

I've worked with delusional clients for twenty years. Listening to Obama now makes me think he's not least now.

One of Clinton's talents was an ability to compartmentalize the truth, allowing him to temporarily believe his own lies. It requires a master liar to do that.

Obama is not a master liar of clintonian proportions. He has now fallen into one of the many traps along the path to becoming a Master Liar. He believes his own lies. He's told the story so many times that he now believes it's true.

This makes him far more dangerous than Bill Clinton. It makes Obama delusional. And while most delusional people are not dangerous, most delusional people are not leaders of the free world.

I pray there are members of his party who do not share his delusions, and can look past the lies. It's the only chance this nation has to remain free.

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