Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Threats to Democrat Congressmen: How Convenient.

A closed door meeting was held with Dems.  Then good 'ole Stenny comes out and says there have been death threats. If the meeting had occurred in open session, I would be a lot less skeptical.

The radical playbook requires them to make themselves the victims. If they can make us step back, they win.

Having said that:

If you want to kill the momentum to repeal Obamacare and allow the Progressives to continue their march toward Immigration, Cap and Tax and who knows what else, make stupid threats to Congressmen.

When you make threats of physical violence, you become just like the radicals who are now in power. The '60's radicals learned the lesson well, put on suits and ties, and took over.

The radicals need a villain, someone to target.

We must not give them more ammunition.

They will make up lies. Based on video from last weekend, they already have.

We must not give them any true incidents to verify their lies.

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